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8.12.2021 | Corona

The Metropolitan Area coronavirus coordination group recommends that private events should also comply with the decision issued by the Regional State Administrative Agency for Southern Finland on 2 December 2021 on restrictions on public events. In the metropolitan area, the recommendation is that private events for more than 20 people should be avoided or held at venues where participants can be required to have a COVID-19 passport. 

The incidence of infections and the need for hospital treatment has remained high throughout the area. In the current epidemic situation, the coronavirus coordination group considers that the imposed restrictions and recommendations are necessary to mitigate the epidemic. 

Metropolitan area to bring forward the dose interval for third vaccinations on a staggered basis 

Last week, the Finnish Institute for Health and Welfare (THL) recommended that third coronavirus vaccine doses be offered 5 to 6 months after the second dose. In the metropolitan area, the dose interval will be shortened to five months on a staggered basis once municipalities manage to increase their vaccination capacity.   

At present, the third vaccine dose can be administered no earlier than 5.5 months after the second dose. 

Third doses of the coronavirus vaccine are administered by appointment only. The opening of appointment booking may vary between municipalities. 

Private occupational health care to be widely involved in vaccination 

The Metropolitan Area coronavirus coordination group has outlined that the extensive involvement of private occupational health care in vaccinating citizens will be made possible. This applies to first, second and third vaccine doses. The matter is currently under preparation. 

The operations will be based on a separate cooperation agreement. The cooperation agreement will be offered to all interested providers of private occupational health services.