On behalf of the division, premises, service buildings and their sites are set up, restored and maintained to serve the local residents.

Supervision of building

The supervision of building is determined by construction legislation and statutes, in addition to following building codes and town plan regulations in construction. Moreover, its purpose is to develop the cityscape by counselling and guidance, so as to suit Kauniainen’s living conditions. Façade surveyors play an important role in this task.

Town planning and land use

The Land Use Department manages Kauniainen’s town planning, land formation, land use policy, maintenance of an atlas and geographical information, in addition to measurement services.

Streets, parks and traffic

Public Utility Services

The duties of the Public Utility Services division are planning, building and maintaining streets and roads, public areas and parks, water supply and sewerage, as well as graveyards. The engine depot attends to the city’s transport equipment services and offers repair shop services.

Customer parking

The customer parking spaces are located along the street called Oppilaskodintie. The entrance gates by Oppilaskodintie and Eteläinen Suotie are closed at 13:45 on Fridays.

Contact information