City-owned rental apartments

The city has approximately 180 rental apartments, of which the majority are “arava” apartments. Of these, approximately 24 are privately financed and approximately 39 are youth housing apartments, meant for those under 26 years of age.

Starting 1 January 2011 all new rental agreements will include a one-month security deposit. For apartments in Juusintie, the deposit is €1,000.  

For whom are the apartments?

  • Anyone can apply for a city-owned rental apartment.
  • The apartments in Juusintie are primarily meant for persons aged from 18 to 26 years. There are also family apartments in Juusintie.
  • Senior housing can be applied for by senior citizens resident in Kauniainen, in other words those who are in Kauniainen’s population register.

Housing applications, along with directions, can be found in the lobby of City Hall. The form in Finnish can also be printed using the link below.   

Asuntohakemuslomake (doc) (221 KB)

Ohjeita Kauniaisten kaupungin vuokra-asunnon hakijoille (pdf) (295.5 KB)

Vuokra-asuntojen huoneistotyypit ja sijainnit (pdf) (298.1 KB)

  (only in Finnish)

Anvisningar för ansökan om bostad i Grankulla stads hyreshus (pdf)(65.3 KB)

Housing Allowance

Citizens with low income can apply for Kela (The Social Insurance Institution of Finland) housing allowances financed by the state, for the cost of living.

Kela manages housing allowances as follows:

  • General housing allowance
  • Housing allowance for pensioners
  • Housing supplement for students
  • Conscript housing assistance

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