Emergency number 112

In Finland we use only one emergency number, 112. The same emergency number 112 works in all EU countries. You can call the emergency number 112 free of charge from any phone with no need for an area code. You can also call 112 from a foreign mobile phone connection. You still won’t need an area code, just dial 112.

Download the 112 Suomi mobile app. In case of an emergency, remember to make an emergency call through the app. In this case, your location information is automatically relayed to the emergency response centre. This speeds up the processing of emergency calls and enables the ERC operator to send the nearest possible unit to the scene.


Preparedness means preparing in advance for various accidents and crisis situations to keep society’s and individuals’ activities going without interruption as far as possible.

Civil defence

The purpose of civil defence is to safeguard the population from the destruction caused by war and other similar conditions, to limit the damage they cause, and to mitigate their consequences.

Home preparedness

The 72h concept details the level of home preparedness recommended by the authorities and NGOs
For example, an extended power outage may result in a situation where society’s services are disrupted or even discontinued.

Households should prepare to cope independently for at least three days should a disruption occur. They should store at least three days’ worth of food supplies and medicines. It would also be important to know the basics of preparedness, such as where to get reliable information during a disruption and how to cope in a residence that is getting colder and colder.

Home preparedness is of great benefit to both society and, above all, to each individual themselves. This is why everyone should prepare for disruptions and emergencies.