Support for growth and learning involves the promotion and advocacy of children’s physical, mental and social development, a proactive approach to prevent learning disabilities as well as early support.

The task of school and student health care is to support and advance the well-being, health and development of young students. The aim is to identify, at as early a stage as possible, any students that require special support and, if necessary, refer them to further testing and care.

We utilise the Let’s Talk about Children (LTC) method in early childhood and basic education.

During the LTC discussions, parents and professionals talk about how the child’s everyday life is going. An LTC discussion is held with the parents of every child who is beginning early childhood education approximately six weeks after their first day (Kauniainen’s early childhood education plan 2019 – in Finnish).  Separate discussions are held for each child in the family. A discussion is also held when a child is transferring from one group to another, if the parents view it as necessary or if there is concern that the child will find the transfer challenging.  On the school level, the LTC discussions are held during certain years.

Additionally, parents have the possibility to have LTC discussions whenever they feel it is necessary or when there are changes in the child’s development environment (home, school, etc.) that may be challenging for the child.

More information about the LTC method is available online at The website also contains LTC logbooks that we hope you will review prior to any LTC discussions.