In municipalities the local council, the municipal executive board, and various committees hold the power of decision. Decision-making is open to the public, and the proceedings of the institutions and officials can be viewed in the “Esityslistat ja pöytäkirjat” section. (in Finnish and Swedish only)

The Organisation

The operation of the city of Kauniainen is divided into four sections:

  • Administrative services (city office and municipal treasury)
  • Social and health services
  • Community services
  • Education and culture (Finnish school system, Swedish school system, culture and leisure services)

City Council

The City Council consists of 35 members who represent five political groups. The Council is the highest decision-making body. It is responsible for the overall operating, finance and strategic decision making of the municipality. The City Council meets approximately eight times a year.

City Board

The City Board consists of seven members. They administer the city’s finances, prepare council matters and take care of the city’s general interests. The board meets approximately twice a month.

City comittees

Kauniainen’s elective operations are organized into committees appointed by the council. Each committee accounts for a certain branch. The committees have been named according to their responsibilities as follows:

  • Audit Department
  • Central Election Committee
  • Construction Committee
  • Community Committee
  • Culture and Leisure Committee
  • Finnish School and Early Childhood Education Committee
  • Social and Health Committee
  • Swedish School and Early Childhood Education Committee