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15.2.2022 | Corona

Several restrictions in the metropolitan area have been lifted during February as the epidemic has steadily improved. The Helsinki Metropolitan Area coronavirus coordination group recommends to employers that, from 1 March onwards, extensive remote working can be gradually phased in to combine remote and local working. With the freeing of society, the responsibility, as well as good health and safety measures, of both people and operators are emphasized.  

Coronavirus infections are still widespread throughout the metropolitan area. The load placed on hospitals by coronavirus patients in both intensive care units and wards has decreased from last week’s level, although at a slower pace than before. 

Responsible behaviour can only be emphasized as restrictions are lifted. In various premises open to the public and in customer premises, attention should continue to be paid to measures required to prevent the spread of coronavirus (Section 58 c of the Communicable Diseases Act). Customers must be able to wash their hands, and customers and participants should be given instructions on how to maintain adequate safe distances, wash their hands, and other similar practices. In addition, intensified cleaning of premises and surfaces should continue. 

Customers and participants should continue to be spaced out as well as possible and the customer seats should be placed far enough apart from one another. The above-mentioned requirements pursuant to section 58 c of the Communicable Diseases Act are valid according to the law without separate decisions until 30 June 2022.  

In addition, the coronavirus coordination group recommends that health safety recommendations, such as participation only by those who are completely asymptomatic, good hand hygiene, and adequate safe distances, be followed in private events. 

For the time being, an extensive face mask recommendation is in force in the metropolitan area. The continued use of face masks is still recommended for anyone over the age of 12 years old, regardless of their level of vaccination protection, when staying indoors or in vehicles with other people. Use of face masks is also recommended in school facilities from the sixth grade upwards. There is still no reason for operators to relax their practices regarding the use of face masks.  

The coronavirus coordination group outlined that the face mask recommendations for 3rd-5th graders in schools may be waived from 1 March onwards. Face masks may still be used, if desired, and face masks can still be obtained from schools.