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28.2.2023 | Education and daycare

The early education fees are revised as of 1 March 2023 when the family’s income limits increase. The fee is determined based on the child’s agreed extent of service (care hours) and the income of guardians, married spouses or cohabiting partners. Please note that if you do not submit an income statement form with attachments or if the income statement is incomplete, you will be charged the maximum fee for your child in early education!

Income statement

You can fill in the electronic income statement form or print and fill in the form found on the city’s homepage and return the form with appendices and a copy of your tax decision for 2021 by 15 March 2023, or when your child starts early childhood education.

You can find the e-service for the income statement on the city’s homepage under Early Childhood education. The service requires that you identify yourself with online banking codes. The early childhood education has the right with the guardian’s consent to review the income data in the Electronic database of incomes information. The database contains only some data, like salaries and benefits.

You can find the income statement form, other forms and the e-service here.  

Send the completed form to:
Kauniaisten kaupunki
Varhaiskasvatuksen asiakaslaskutus
PL 52
02701 Kauniainen

You can also agree to pay the highest fee on both the electronic income statement form and the printed form. In this case, you do not need to send any appendices.

The family is still responsible for reporting any substantial changes (+/-10%) to the family’s income. If the charge is based on income data that is too low, the city can correct the fee retrospectively. In this case, you still have to report your incomes and send the appendices. If the fee is based on the absence of income data or faulty data, the decision will not be corrected retrospectively.


If you are an employee, please send us your last pay slip and your tax decision.

If you are an entrepreneur, please send us a separate entrepreneurial income statement on the city’s form including your tax decision.

If you are a student, we kindly ask you to send us an official certificate of study and your tax decision.

If you receive benefits from e.g. Kela or an unemployment fund, you need to declare them.