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12.6.2023 | Culture

The cultural services of Grankulla City offer a workspace at Villa Junghans for local cultural projects. Villa Junghans is located at Leankuja 4 and is used by local senior associations and rented out for meetings, seminars, and festive events.

On the upper floor of the house, Grankulla Music Festival has it’s office, and there is also a room of approximately 20 square meters that has been vacant since the Cultural and Leisure Department’s administration moved to the city hall at the beginning of 2023.

Local cultural actors can apply to use the space during autumn 2023 and spring 2024.

The room can be used as a workspace or studio. 

The workspace grant is awarded to individuals permanently residing in Kauniainen.
The grant is given for cultural activities that align with Kauniainen City’s values and promote the achievement of strategic goals. Grant approval requires the applicant to submit an application. The application with attachments must be received by the city’s registry within the application period. Late applications will not be processed. The quality and scope of the applicant’s activities are assessed when granting the grant. 

We encourage individuals of all genders and gender identities, as well as those from different minority groups, to apply, regardless of factors such as the applicant’s ethnic background, any potential disabilities, religion, or age.
We do have to inform you that as the house is old and the room is on the second floor, it is not accessible for someone with a mobility disability. There is only stairs.
There is pictures of the room and the stairs in the end of this article.

The workspace grant is applied for using this form or the form below. The application period begins on June 12 and ends on July 31, 2023 at 4 pm. The Welfare Committee makes the decision on the allocation of the artist space 30.8.2023. 

If you have any questions regarding the support please be in contact with Cecilia McMullen before 29.6.2023. tai 0505599580.

A white door and windows to the big balcony.
Door to the big balcony.
Big room with light beigepink walls and wooden floors.
The size on the room.
Old white oven. light beigepink walls and wooden floors.
Stairs to the room.
Stairs to the room.
View from the big balcony to the small one.
View from the big balcony to the small one.