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The playroom is situated in the children’s section. Children and families can spend time here and play. We also arrange fairytale readings in the room.

VHS-DVD converter

We have a nook where you can transfer your VHS-cassettes to DVD. Book your time slot in advance and tell us if you need help converting. Digitizing takes as long as it takes to watch the film. We also have an adapter for VHS-C -cassettes.

An exhibition of your own

Our exhibition wall or display case can be booked for a month at a time, free of charge. The exhibition wall is 6m wide and 1,25m high. If you want to, you can also use the back wall of the room (W: 4,5m, H: 1,6m).

An event of your own

Would you like to celebrate your book release in the library, or hold a lecture about your area of expertise? The library is a public space available to all, and it can be used to arrange free cultural and scientific events. We cooperate with a range of organizations and artists, so don’t hesitate to reach out to us and ask about different possibilities.


The study room is for quiet study only. Please respect other customers, avoid talking or eating in the room.

The study room may be temporarily booked for various library evenets. Check our calendar to find out when.