Service hours

Mon, Thu10 – 20
Tue, Wed, Fri10 – 18
Sat, day before public holiday10 – 16

Other opening hours

Mon 6.5. 8 pm – Tue 7.5. 10 am: no self-service due to technical errors

Ascension Day

Wed 8.5 service 10-16, self-service 06-22

Thu 9.5 self-service only 06-22

Staff days

Fri 24.5 library staff day: service 10-16, self-service 06-20

Thu 30.5 culture and recreation staff day: service 10-16, self-service 06-22

Self-service hours

Mon – Thu06 – 22
Fri – Sun06 – 20

About the self-service library

There is self-service access to the library outside of our service hours. This means you can let yourself in using your library card and a pin code.

Register as a self-service library patron

From 1.11.2023 onwards patrons can access self-service libraries in the Helmet area only if they have a library card and are registered as self-service library patrons. By registering you accept the self-service library rules.

Patrons over the age of 15 can register in the library during service hours. Please bring your library card and a photo ID.

Younger patrons can use the self service library accompanied by a parent or guardian. A legal guardian can also give them permission to use the self-service library by themselves. This permission can be registered during service hours.

Pick up reservations during self-service hours

If you would like to pick up reservations during self-service hours, please visit our customer service in person and show your ID to get an alias. You will then find any reserved books and other media in our shelf for self service reservations. Computer games can only be picked up during service hours.