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Windows to the Soul

2.1.2024 at 13.00 27.1.2024 at 16.00

Windows to the Soul
Ingrid Biese – Nyata Shapovalova. 2-27.1.2024

Eyes are the windows to the soul and windows are the eyes of the house. They let light into our lives and reflect back to us what they see.

While we use different mediums – Nyata works with wool and Ingrid paints on silk – we realized that we have a lot in common regarding how we think about our art. We want it to be fluid and light, reflective and inviting, without revealing too much. For Nyata the tactile aspect of her art is important as she creates soft, warm, three-dimensional pieces that can be experienced also for those who cannot see with their eyes. By exploring the windows and doors of the beloved old houses of her childhood, Ingrid opens up for new possibilities, dimensions and forms of expression in her own art and journey, and invites others to do so too.

Peering into a person’s eyes, we try to see their soul, and also see the reflection of our own. What’s hiding in the depths of the eyes? Fear? Love? Condemnation? Or is all this just our own reflection? Looking through the windows of houses, we can see a piece of someone’s life, guess what this house contains? Who are these people whose lives pass within these walls? The eyes of people and the eyes of houses can tell so much.

The opening party for the exhibition is on Thursday the 4th of January at 5 PM to 7PM. The opening party is open for everyone, welcome!

Nyata Shapovalova
I am an artist from Ukraine who found salvation from the war in Finland. I have been doing wool felting for 14 years. During this time, I tried different styles and techniques, images and compositions. I like working with wool. For me, felting wool is a metaphor for life. Shapeless and soft wool becomes hard and takes on shape, character and turns into an art object as a result of numerous blows with a sharp needle. Likewise, we, people, learn about ourselves, grow and gain inner strength only when we face life’s challenges. And my life experience is proof of this.
Instagram: @n_y_a_t_a

Ingrid Biese
My passion is to paint on silk; there is just something magical about it. The paints spread and mix on the fabric and you never really know what will happen. My greatest inspiration is Finnish nature and the archipelago. When I look out at the sea or wander in the forest among all the colors, textures and scents, I feel my heart swell. It is this feeling that I want to convey through my art. By applying new techniques and Nordics motifs to an ancient Asian art form, I like to explore and transcend the boundaries between old and new, traditional and contemporary, East and West. When I’m not painting, I’m a researcher and a writer.
Instagram: @ingrids_silk_painting

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Instagram guided tour on the 18th of January.

What: Windows to the Soul – exhibition
When: 2-27.1.2024
Mon, Thur 10-20
Tue, Wed, Fri 10-18
Sat, day before public holiday 10-16
Sun closed
Other opening hours.
Where: The Gallery, Thurmaninaukio 6, 02700 Kauniainen
How much: Free entrance
Cultural services of Kauniainen
Curation: Gisela Montonen, City of Kauniainen
Artists: Ingrid Biese and Nyata Shapovalova

The Gallery is free to visit for everyone, open for every age and is accessible for wheelchair users.
The Cultural services of Kauniainen are responsible of the Gallery.

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