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The Apotti system was deployed in the early hours of 6.11. in social care services for families, child welfare services, services for adults and services for the disabled in Helsinki, Kauniainen and Kerava. This deployment will affect approximately 2200 social care professionals. 

Along with this deployment the Apotti system is used in all social care and health care services in Helsinki, Kauniainen and Kerava.  
– The Apotti system enables seamless digital care paths for municipality residents, as the patient’s or client’s up-to-date information is always available without delay in all care and service situations, explains Apotti’s CEO Hannu Välimäki. 

Deployment of the Apotti system is a huge effort that changes the everyday working methods of social care and health care professionals. All new users have participated in system training. 
– We understand that learning to use a new system consumes social care professionals’ energy in an already straining work environment, notes Välimäki. 

Ensuring client and patient safety is always the first priority when a new system is deployed. 
– We work in close cooperation with Helsinki, Kauniainen and Kerava to make sure that the deployment period will be as smooth as possible and that all issues that may arise are swiftly tackled. 459 support persons from the customer organisations are helping with the system deployment. The Apotti remote support is also assisting end users. During the deployment period 18 support persons are working in the remote support unit. Support is available around the clock, says Välimäki. 

Maisa’s digital services expand in Helsinki, Kauniainen and Kerava 
Apotti’s digital client portal Maisa brings digital services easily available for municipality recidents. Maisa is a personal, free of charge and safe e-service channel connecting professionals and municipality recidents. After this deployment social care clients in Helsinki, Kauniainen and Kerava can, for instance, communicate with social care and health care professionals and submit social care applications via Maisa. 
– Advanced e-services are a new feature in social care services, says Välimäki. 

Taking advantage of the possibilities offered by Maisa is of course a learning prosess at first, but I believe that the benefits will soon realise.  We want to offer both social care clients and professionals modern and continually developing digital solutions. Maisa also encourages social care clients’ own involvement in handling their matters. 

The Apotti system is in use in HUS specialised care and in social care and health care services in Vantaa, Helsinki, Kauniainen and Kerava.