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21.12.2021 | Corona

Walk-in vaccinations (no booking needed) on Tuesday 28 December at Villa Junghans

  • at 16–17 for children with surnames beginning A–N
  • at 17–18 for children with surnames beginning O–Ö

Risk factors

  • an organ transplant or a stem cell transplant
  • a treatment with a strong suppressive effect on the immune system or a congenital or illness-related immune deficiency
  • chronic pulmonary illnesses
  • cardiac illnesses
  • chronic kidney disease
  • severe chronic liver disease
  • obesity: the child’s body-weight index (ISO-BMI) above 30
  • a neurological disease with related respiratory insufficiency and/or increased sensitivity to infection
  • Down’s syndrome
  • diabetes type 1 and 2
  • asthma that requires daily medication.

There are children whose illness or state of health carries an increased risk of severe covid-19. A coronavirus infection can also exacerbate the symptoms of underlying illnesses. Most of the illnesses or conditions listed below are very rare, and in such a case, the child will be under supervision of specialised health care.

We look forward to seeing you!