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On the Other Side

25.11.2023 at 15.00 3.12.2023 at 19.00
Nyata Shapovalova. ON THE OTHER SIDE. 25.11-3.12.2023 15.00-19.00 Villa Junghans Entrance: Old side, upstairs. OPENING PARTY 25.11 AT 15.00!


Eye contact is perhaps the most soulful touch. Eyes can tell much more than words or actions. The eyes never lie.
What do you see in the eye of the beholder? Love? Condemnation? Criticism? Fear? Danger? Or maybe trust?
Or maybe you see a reflection of yourself in the eyes of another person?
Try to hold your gaze and feel what your inner voice is telling you.

After some time, you may realize that there is someone on the other side of your gaze towards whom your gaze is directed. And now you are no longer the one who is looked at, but the one who looks….

Kauniainen Cultural Services organized a application round for the first time for Villa Junghans artist’s studio in the spring of 2023. Local cultural actors had the opportunity to apply for the room for use in the autumn of 2023 and spring of 2024, intending to use it as a workspace or studio.

The selected artist is Nyata Shapovalova from Ukraine. Nyata Shapovalova is now holding her first art exhibition with felt art.

The Opening party is at Saturday 25.11 at 3 Pm and it is open for everyone.
The exhibition is free to attend. Unfortunately we do have to inform that as the house is old and the room is on the second floor, it is not accessible for someone with a mobility disability. There is only stairs.

Hello! My name is Nyata Shapovalova. I am glad to welcome you to my studio. Let me tell you a few words about myself. I was born in the city of Kharkiv, the first capital of Ukraine. I trained as a teacher of ancient languages ​​and worked as a teacher and artist. When the war began, I lived through the most terrible weeks in shelter, and when it became clear that it was impossible to stay in Ukraine, I packed my whole life into one single backpack and came to Finland with my son and cat. Here I start a new life. I have been working in the technique of dry felting and wet felting for 14 years. My material is sheep wool. I find this material the most variable, flexible and amazing: it allows me to use different techniques, mix colors, create volume and create paintings, imitate stones and ceramics. Almost any idea can be executed in wool: from clothes and shoes to sculptures and paintings. Felting is my way of therapy, meditation and self-development.

What: On the Other Side – Art exhibition.
When: 25.11-3.12.2023 from 3 PM to 7 PM. Opening party: 25.11 at 3 Pm.
For whom: Everyone who likes art.
Cost: Free.
Where: Villa Junghans, old side, second floor. Use the door in the picture below. Leankuja 4, 02700 Kauniainen.

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