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Outside the City

15.2.2024 at 11.00 27.2.2024 at 18.00

Outside the City
Erica Sjöberg. 15-27.2.2024

Outside the detailed parks and esplanades, one will find a more untouched nature. A place for reflection. It is a special feeling when standing on the shore, watching the big waves of the sea on a windy day, or being able to gaze over the open landscape, towards the quiet and the calm. Outside the city is an exhibition, where the artist, Erica Sjöberg, wants to bring out the Finnish nature through her paintings.

Nature offers us shapes and colours, feelings and thoughts. Some of us perhaps don’t visit nature too often. We are focused on our everyday lives. Even though our cities in Finland are rather green, we don’t always pay attention to nature and on the changes in it. Sometimes we have to travel away, to really take time to see it. We can find a lot of beauty in the nature by being attentive.

In the North we still have a lot of untouched nature. To live in Finland gives us the luxury of always having nature close to us, and thanks to everyman’s rights, we have a free entry to visit it. It is important to remember the positive effects nature has on people – as well as the planned areas in cities – but also the effect that people have on nature. Spending a little time in nature can have incredible effects on us, and by taking care of it and protecting it we can make sure to retain these benefits.

The opening night takes place on February 15th from 6:00 PM to 7:30 PM. It’s open to everyone – you’re invited!

Erica Sjöberg
Erica Sjöberg grew up in the countryside of Åland Islands and she’s used to being close to forests and lakes. Nowadays she lives in Kauniainen, where she and her partner have been living for 1,5 years, and she enjoys the calm city that is close to everything.

Erica’s biggest interests in creation are painting, writing, and working with ceramics. Erica has taken courses in ceramics and writing. For this exhibition she
chose painting as the form of expression.

At the end of 2017 Erica started painting. The year of 2022 she wanted to deepen her skills and therefore applied to VNF-school in Karjaa to study in the programme CREATE art & design. She got to experiment with different materials and techniques in her creativity for 1,5 years. Erica loves working with colours and forms, and she is currently studying to become an artisan in Prakticum vocational school.

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The art in the exhibition is for sale, more information about how to buy one is in the exhibition.

What: Outside the City – artexhibition
When: 15-27.2.2024
Mon, Thur 10-20
Tue, Wed, Fri 10-18
Sat, day before public holiday 10-16
Sun closed
Other opening hours.
Where: The Gallery, Thurmaninaukio 6, 02700 Kauniainen
How much: Free entrance
Erica Sjöberg

The Gallery is free to visit for everyone, open for every age and is accessible for wheelchair users.
The Cultural services of Kauniainen are responsible of the Gallery.

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