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Organizational and Association Strategy – workshop

25.9.2023 at 17.30 20.00

Welcome to participate in the creation of the Organizational and Association Strategy for the City of Grankulla! During the spring of 2022, we have established a framework for this work within the organizational and association network. Now, you have a unique opportunity to influence the final form of the strategy, especially regarding well-being-related topics that you wish the city to support.

Join us and participate in our workshop where we openly discuss what you would like to see in Kauniainen. The associations and organizations present in our community play a vital role in urban development, and this is your chance to convey your thoughts and viewpoints. Whether you’re ready to propose new approaches or listen to others’ opinions, we look forward to your contribution.

It’s important to remember that every voice is valuable and meaningful. We are convinced that diverse perspectives will enrich our strategy and help us create an even better environment for our residents.

If your schedule doesn’t allow full participation, don’t worry! You can still participate during part of the time and contribute to the discussion.

Together, we can create a meaningful and influential Organizational and Association Strategy for Grankulla that reflects the needs and desires of local residents. Join us and influence our future! Register here!

What: Kauniainen City Organizational and Association Strategy Workshop
When: Monday, September 25, 2023, at 17:30-20:00
Where: Kauniainen City Hall, Council Chamber / Cafeteria, Kauniaistentie 10, 02700 Kauniainen
For whom: All active members of associations and organizations in Grankulla
Cost: Free of charge, register in advance here.

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