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Music from the Carpathian Mountains – Džerela Karpat (Lviv, UA)

15.10.2023 at 13.00 14.00

Ethnic folk group Džerela Karpat (Lviv, Ukraina)

Welcome to enjoy the concert “Music from the Carpathian Mountains” by the ethnomusic group Džerela Karpat at Uusi Paviljonki on Sunday, October 15, 2023, at 13:00. Ukrainian virtuoso musicians will perform old ethnomusic from the Carpathian region using traditional folk instruments such as tambourine, panflute, and okarina. Singer Andrij Božensk will complement the concert with beautiful Ukrainian folk songs. Come and experience an unforgettable musical journey to the mysterious world of the Carpathian Mountains!

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Music from the Carpathian Mountains

A strong love of their native and ethnic music at large, an everlasting desire to perfect themselves, an aspiration to promote traditional folk instrument art, have brought together the six virtuoso-musicians well-known and much loved both in Ukraine and in the world into the ethnic folk group Džerela Karpat.

Charisma, professionalism, high vitality and drive are only some of the qualities of the ethnic folk group Džerela Karpat. Each of the group members is a highly professional and original performer and music expounder, and treats a musical work with their own artistic insight. And the mixing of such personalities always yields an excellent result and immense aesthetic pleasure for the listeners.

The repertoire of Džerela Karpat comprises traditional ethnic music of western Ukraine, performed on such ancient folk instruments as dulcimers, pan flute, ocarina. A bright addition to the group’s program is the performance of the singer – Andriy Bozhensky whose repertoire includes famous Ukrainian folk songs. Thanks to this folk group the gems of Ukrainian instrumental music have been presented for the music lovers of Poland, Hungary, Germany, Austria, Macedonia, Italy, Spain, Romania, Bulgaria, Canada and the United States.

And in their concert tour of Finland in September-October of 2023, the musicians offer the Finnish audience a new concert programme “Music from the Carpathian Mountains,” consisting of brilliant and original folk compositions of ethnic Ukrainian ethnicities from the Carpathians – the Hutsuls and Lemkos. The highlander Ukrainian melodies, whether intimate or sparkling, melancholy or unconstrainedly joyous, dreamy or heroic, display a full range of feelings and emotions of the people who live high in the mountains.

Folk group members:
Rostyslav Fedynets (artistic director) – violin
Yuri Dyakunchak – bass, accordion
Yuriy Reha – dulcimer
Valeriy Shafeta – accordion
Vasyl Gamar – Pan Flute, ocarina, flute
Andriy Bozhensky – vocal, tambourine

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What: Music from the Carpathian Mountains – Ethnomusic group Džerela Karpat (Lviv, Ukraine)
When: Sunday, October 15, 2023, from 13:00 to 14:00, doors open at 12:00.
Where: Uusi Paviljonki, Läntinen koulupolku 3, 02700 Kauniainen.
Ticket price: 15€ / Free admission with Kaikukort. Buy your ticket here!
For whom: All music lovers who want to enjoy traditional Ukrainian ethnomusic and culture.
Organizer: Kauniainen Cultural Services.

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15€ / Fritt inträde med Kaikukortet.

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