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The city of Kauniainen has employed Viktoriya Kovalenko as a project worker to help Ukrainians that already are here or later arriving refugees in everyday matters. She will work as a contact person between the city and the refugees. Viktoriya comes from Kharkov in eastern Ukraine, where she took a university exam in international economy and worked among other things in politics and for trade unions. She has lived in Finland and Kauniainen for seven years and speaks Ukrainian, Russian, English and a little Finnish.

Viktoriya is working directly for the mayor as a contact person in matters regarding Ukraine and Ukrainians.
– We are both happy and proud, that we had the opportunity to employ a person who speaks Ukrainian and Russian and also knows Finland. This will help Ukrainians living or coming to live in Kauniainen to find jobs and become a part of the Finnish society. I am convinced, that she can help us to get immediate information what the Ukrainians need so that we can react quicker to help them, says Mayor Christoffer Masar.

Viktoriya Kovalenko
phone 040 512 4740 (at 10-12, other times sms or email)