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1.8.2023 | Education and daycare

On July 31st, the entire staff of municipal early childhood education had the opportunity to participate in a joint kickoff day. The personnel from a private institution also joined the event.

During the kickoff day, we held workshops in both Finnish and Swedish, focusing on digital skills in early childhood education, language-focused pedagogy, and play-based pedagogy.

Professor Arniika Kuusisto commenced the day with a lecture titled “Strengthening Children’s Resilience in Preschool and Early Education.”

At the end of the day, University Lecturer Lotta Uusitalo delivered a presentation titled “Distinguishing Dreams from Goals: How Our Work Community Can Succeed?”

The staff gained new knowledge and inspiration for the upcoming operational period.

We would like to express our gratitude to all parents and guardians who made it possible for as many staff members as possible to participate!

Varhaiskasvatuksen henkilökunta työpajassa.
Varhaiskasvatuksen aloituspäivän luento.