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Human well-being consists of several different dimensions that together define a person’s experience of holistic well-being. One person may find well-being through exercise, another through beautiful buildings, and yet another through being able to influence things through their own actions.

Join the campaign and help us spread positivity and well-being around us!

We want to see and hear what makes you happy and contributes to your well-being in Kauniainen. Send us a photo or a short text about the things and places that make you joyful, calm, and strengthen your well-being. Whether it’s nature, hobbies, or friends, let your creativity run wild.

Participate in the campaign here (

The material from the survey will be used in the development work of Kauniainen city’s services. The participants who have given their consent for publication will have their photos and writings displayed in an exhibition, and these may also be featured on the city’s communication channels. If there are people in the photo you have taken, please ask for their permission.