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As of Wednesday, you can vote in advance at Kauniainen city hall. The polling station will be open for advance voting until Tuesday 18 January. Opening hours are 9–20 on weekdays (9–18 on Friday 14 January) and 10–15 in the weekend.

Voters will enter the building through the back door and exit through the front door. Please note that voters must not enter through the front door. The yard will have signposts showing the way to the correct entrance.

Voters may be required to queue outside the building, so please dress according to the weather. Hand sanitiser will be available at the polling station, and voters are allowed to use their own pen We strongly recommend that you wear a mask.

Staff at the polling station will be wearing masks, and the polling station is also fitted with perspex screens. Please maintain a safe distance of two metres to others at all times.

Important information:

Do not come to the advance voting unless you are symptom-free.

– You can vote in advance at any of the advance polling stations.

– If you are unable to visit an advance polling station, you may be eligible to vote at home. Please register for voting at home by Tuesday 11 January no later than 16.00 o’clock.

– If you are quarantined or in isolation, please call 050 354 0121 for more information.

– Please bring your ID card: you will have to show proof of identity in order to vote.

– Election day is Sunday 23 January.