The first county elections will be conducted in Finland in January 2022 to elect a county council for each wellbeing services county. Until now, municipalities have been responsible for organising health, social and rescue services. The wellbeing services counties are autonomous, and the highest decision-making power in each county will be exercised by a county council.

If you are entitled to vote, you will receive a notice of right to vote in December. The notice will be sent in electronic format if you have activated the Messages service and given your consent for all official notifications to be sent to you electronically.

On election day, 23 January 2022, you may only vote at the polling station mentioned in the notice of right to vote sent to you.

Voting on Sunday 23 January in Kauniainen

  • The voiting takes place in Mäntymäen koulu (school building) from 9 am to 20 pm.
  • The adress is Mäntymäentie 2.
  • Map to the polling stations: