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Outdoor movie night – The Incredibles (2004)

2.9.2022 at 19.30 22.00

“I never look back, darling! It distracts from the now.” ― Edna Mode

Sometimes it’s still fun to look back, especially when it comes to great movies!
Take a trip down memory lane with the movie The Incredibles (2004). The Cultural services and the youth council of the city of Kauniainen is organizing a outdoor movie night. The event is held at Kauniainen’s central sports field on Friday 2nd of September 2022.

The youth council are serving candy at the event.
The organizers of the event is The Cultural services and the youth council of the city of Kauniainen. Limmco Oy Ab is showing the movie.

Information about the movie:
The Incredibles (2004)
117 min
The movie is showed in English.

Public opinion turns against superheroes due to the collateral damage caused by their crime-fighting. After several lawsuits, the government initiates the Superhero Relocation Program, which forces “supers” to permanently adhere to their secret identities and abandon their exploits.

Fifteen years later, Bob and Helen Parr—formerly known as Mr. Incredible and Elastigirl—and their children, Violet, Dash, and baby Jack-Jack, are a suburban family living in Metroville. Although he loves his family, Bob resents the mundanity of his suburban lifestyle and white-collar job as an insurance adjuster. Together with his best friend, Lucius Best, formerly known as Frozone, Bob occasionally relives “the glory days” by moonlighting as a vigilante.

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What: Outdoor movie night – The Incredibles (2004)
When: Friday 2.9.2022 Doors 19.00, movie starts 20.00
Where: Kauniainen Central sports field
Bembölentie 5
Costs: Free entrance
For who: The youth in Kauniainen


Event cost

Free entry

Age limit


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