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ART HOUSE – Lullaby (Cinco lobitos)

25.4.2023 at 18.00 19.44

ART HOUSE – Lullaby (Cinco lobitos)
Release date: 17.3.2023
Length: 1h 44min

A film about motherhood, society and personal expectations, and family relationships. The birth of a young couple’s first child revolutionizes their lives, and both their own and others’ expectations are sometimes suffocating. Amaia seeks support from her parents but faces the inevitable change in her own family dynamics. How to be a daughter and a mother, a mother and a daughter?

Lullaby (Cinco lobitos) is a Spanish drama film directed and written by Alauda Ruiz de Azúa. The main roles are played by Laia Costa and Susi Sánchez, as well as Ramón Barea and Mikel Bustamante.

“The best Spanish debut film in many years” – Pedro Almodóvar

The birth of their first child, the suffocating baby bubble, and the participating grandparents helping out – life for the young couple Amaia and Javi is like taken straight from a movie. Until everyday life strikes and the baby bubble bursts. How to combine careers and the new life situation that throws something new and unexpected in their way every day. When Javi goes on a business trip, exhausted Amaia travels to her parents to get support in running her daily life. However, Amaia’s mother falls ill, and the already fragile family roles are once again subjected to turmoil. The film examines family dynamics and their development in a direct and intimate way. It does not beautify the societal pressure or the internal pressure on parents to cope with upbringing. How to be a daughter and a mother, a mother and a daughter?

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What: Art House – Lullaby (Cinco lobitos)
When: Tuesday 25.4.2023 at 18.00pm.
Where: Bio Grani,
Teinikuja 4 02700 Kauniainen
How much: 10€
For who: Everyone over 7 years.

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