Municipal early childhood education in Finnish is provided in Kauniainen by local daycare centres and group family day care. Early childhood education places can be applied for year-round, but an application for municipal day care must be submitted no later than four months prior to the desired starting date. If the necessary starting date for day care cannot be predicted in advance and the need is due to the parent or guardian’s employment, studies or the start of a training programme, the application for day care must be submitted as soon as possible, but no later than two weeks prior to the desired starting date.

Applications for early childhood education must be completed and submitted, preferably online, by 31 January 2023 for the term beginning on 1 August 2023.  Applicants will receive a written decision concerning the daycare placement in question. The decisions will primarily be sent during the spring.

Granting of admission to early childhood education (Finnish School and Early Childhood Education Committee of Kauniainen, paragraph 26 of the meeting minutes from 24 April 2019)

A child shall be provided admission to a Finnish-language or Swedish-language early childhood education unit that, as far as possible, corresponds to the primary choice of the family. If there are no available places at any of the family’s desired units, the deciding body shall make a decision based on the following grounds for placement:

1.Home domicile,
2.Need for early childhood education (e.g., no previous place in early childhood education, necessary support),
3.Extenuating circumstances related to the child (e.g., need for support),
4.Siblings – placement of siblings in the same unit
5.Group-related reasons,
6.Other family-related reasons, such as their address,
7.Placement lottery.

At the start of the operational period, the groups are formed with the aim of ensuring that there are sufficient places in each age group to accommodate the children who will be applying throughout the term. Thus, for example, some of the groups for children under the age of 3 may have two educators during the autumn season and the number of places in the group will be increased along with the increase of educational professionals around the turn of the year.

Online applications are preferred. A paper form is also available here.