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29.9.2022 | Health services and health care

Western Uusimaa Wellbeing Services County:

We will be holding open information events concerning the preparations for the Western Uusimaa Wellbeing Services County in 2022. On Thursday 27 October 2022, we will be holding an information event for residents about disability services in Finnish at 17:00 and in Swedish at 18:00. 

Both events will be held online. A link to the Teams Live event will be posted on the page of the Western Uusimaa Wellbeing Services County

The information event will provide up-to-date information about the preparation of the wellbeing services county’s disability services and include discussion about issues that residents have asked questions about in advance – please submit your question by 16:00 on Monday 10 October. 

Link to the question form: (extrernal link) 

The event will be recorded and the recording can be viewed for two weeks on the Western Uusimaa Wellbeing Services County’s YouTube channel.