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8.8.2023 | Education and daycare
There picture is taken behind children. They are wearing caps and hats. It is warm and the sun is shining.
Grani50 & Granipäivä – Frida Lönnroos

Autumn is here again, and it’s time to return to the school desk. On Thursday, August 10th, the school year begins for primary schools and high schools in Kauniainen. This year, the school and holiday periods are the same in both the Finnish and the Swedish speaking schools.

We hope that the school year will bring many unforgettable moments, new friendships, and above all, the opportunity to grow and develop both as individuals and within the school environment. Be kind and supportive to each other in your daily lives; together, we can create a positive and supportive learning environment.

Remember that each one of you is unique and valuable.

As schools start again and the streets are filled with young schoolchildren in traffic, it’s extra important to be patient and attentive. Together, we want to make your school journey safe and pleasant.

We wish you all a pleasant school day and a great start to the school year!