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8.6.2023 | Sports

On Thursday, June 1st, we celebrated the Grani Liikkuu day at the central sports-field. A big thank you to everyone who participated in the event!

Thank you to the schools and daycare centers for organizing the relay races, and thank you to the adult education center Petra for organizing the senior petanque tournament. Thanks to our sports clubs for the family evening event and to the 5th graders from Mäntymäki for the diverse café offerings.

A record number of runners participated in the Kurrenkierros and Minikurre races, totaling nearly 250. Overall, there were approximately 3000 visitors throughout the day.

Next year, the Grani Liikkuu event will take place on Thursday, May 30th, 2024. Welcome!

Wishing you a great summer,
Kauniainen – Grankulla Sports Services

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