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Theatre ILMI Ö.´s The Forest Mosaic

Welcome to the new youth center in Kauniainen – Grankulla for a babytheatre!

Theatre ILMI Ö.´s Metsämosaiikki (The forest mosaic) is a multisensory theatre performance for babies. A space will gradually transform into an enchanted forest through live music, movement, and pictures of nature.

How is the landscape painted? What stories do the rocks have to tell? Where will this play take us?

Come enjoy and create magical first theatre experiences together with your baby.


Dramaturgy: Anne Korhonen, Maria Myllykangas, Jari Rättyä, Minna Savin, Outi Sädekallio-Snellman
Director: Anne Korhonen, Maria Myllykangas, Minna Savin, Outi Sädekallio-Snellman
Performers: Anne Korhonen, Outi Sädekallio-Snellman / Maria Myllykangas, Minna Savin
Musician and music: Jari Rättyä
Visual design: Anne Korhonen, Mirva Mietala, Maria Myllykangas, Minna Savin, Matti Snellman, Outi Sädekallio-Snellman
Photos: Matti Snellman
Costume design: Mirva Mietala

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Theatre ILMI Ö.´s The Forest Mosaic

What: Theatre ILMI Ö.´s The Forest Mosaic, babytheatre
When: Friday 31.3 at 10.00 – 10.30.
Where: Kauniainen – Grankulla youth center, Läntinen koulupolku 1-3, 02700 Kauniainen
How much: Free entrance, sign up here!
For who: Baby’s under 1 year and one adult.
Language: Wordless performance

Event cost

Free entry

Age limit

0-1-years-olds with one adult

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