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Kauniainen – Grankulla Pride

29.6.2022 at 12.00 18.00

The first pride event in Kauniainen. Welcome to a pride picnic!

We have music, games and coffee with snacks. Feel free to bring your own games and something to eat. The event is alcohol- and drugfree.

What: Kauniainen Pride picnic
When: Wednesday 29.6.2022 from 12.00 to 18.00.
Where: Kauniainen cityhall, Kauniaistentie 10
For who: LGBTQIA+ in every age from Kauniainen
Free entrance.

Organizers: Cultural services of Kauniainen, youth services of Kauniainen and Grani DigiLab.

Our principles for safer space

  • We treat each other in a friendly manner. If help is needed, we provide it.
  • People are diverse, and this diversity should be celebrated. We treat everyone respectfully.
  • We do not make assumptions about anyone’s gender, sexuality, background, ethnicity or functional abilities. We respect everyone’s own narratives and definitions of themselves. Furthermore, everyone is entitled to privacy.
  • We do not expect everyone to know or master the same things.
  • Identities and life situations are diverse; we do not use excluding language.
  • No one is treated badly or belittled based on their individual qualities such as gender, age, appearance, health or background.
  • Racist and homophobic or transphobic language and behaviour are forbidden.

More information about Pride week: 

Event cost

Free entry

Age limit

No age limit

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