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GraniARTmix 2023

20.4.2023 at 18.00 23.4.2023 at 20.00

The idea of the festival GraniARTmix is to offer versatile cultural events with artists from
Kauniainen and the surrounding area. Here, at every event, the audience gets to
experience fantastic art by local talents!
Throughout the festival we pay tribute to Edith Södergran’s wonderful poems! All events are named after a poem!
At each event we mix different music styles and art genres to give the audience a diverse art experience at a high level in Kauniainen!
We want to contribute to forming a larger and more active artistic network in Kauniainen
with a strong community, created through this festival. 2023 is our first year and we look forward to continuing the festival as an annual event in Grani!
During each event, different styles of art and music are mixed together.


Thu 20.4 Vallmogård 7pm The Longing of Colours
25/15 € Lyric from Södergran, songs, music by Debussy, Chaminade and Piazzolla,
Photos with Kauniainen motifs, Mediterranean inspired paintings, Glimpses of the cultural
history of Kauniainen
Ami Aspelund, Johanna Almark, Nina Hukkinen, Linda Hedlund, Pinja Nuñez, Annika
Palm, Stella Eskelin, Helen Szakaly, Clara Palmgren

Fri 21.4 Uusi Paviljonki
Encounters 4-7pm Free entry
Art school’s exhibition; Music performances 6pm & 6:30 pm

Sat 22.4 Uusi Paviljonki 1pm
Lucky Cat 20/10 €
Grani’s young talents: Music-dance-visual arts
Kauniainen Music Institute, Kauniainen School of Arts, young performers
Ukrainian crafts: NyaTa Shapovalova
Artists: Stella Eskelin and Nicole Hjelt
Singing compère: Jacob Waselius

Sat 22.4 Youth center
2pm Free entry
Open doors & program for young artists and friends

Sat 22.4 Uusi Paviljonki
Roses and Love 7pm 25/15 €
From pop to classical (Adajevskaja Duo Sonata Greca, Khachaturian piano trio,
Schumann piano quintet), Dance via video from Berlin, Photo art, Paintings
Geir Rönning, Laura Airaksinen, Christoffer Sundqvist, Paula Sundqvist, Lotta Poijärvi,
Tomas Nuñez-Garcés, Emil Holmström, Annika Palm, Alicia Wegmuller, Helen Szakaly,
Annabelle Antas, Stella Eskelin, Nicole Hjelt

Sun 23.4 Uusi Paviljonki
Returning Home 6pm 25/15 €
Singing, Ukulele music, Chamber music (Fagerlund string trio, Yakovlevi cello duo,
Brahms clarinet trio), Choral singing, Photography, Paintings
Henrik Huldén, GrUS, Christoffer Sundqvist, Paula Sundqvist, Lotta Poijärvi, Pinja Nunez,
Tomas Nuñez-Garcés, Annika Palm, Jammar-kören, Johanna Almark, Helen Szakaly,
Stella Eskelin, Nicole Hjelt


Free events

FRIDAY  21.4.  Uusi Paviljonki 4 – 7 pm  Encounters   Free entryArt school exhibition; music performances at 6pm & 6:30pm
SATURDAY  22.4.  Youth centre  2pm Open doors & program for young artists and friends


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25 € / 15€ / 80€ /50€

Age limit

No age limit

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