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Bravo!-festival: NYXXX: Hör så tyst det är (Listen, how quiet) (Sweden)


Bravo!-festival: NYXXX: Hör så tyst det är (Listen, how quiet) (Sweden)
The performance is a part of the Bravo! festival in Kauniainen. The performance Hör så tyst det är is only for the school classes in the city. Hands some Feet: Babysphere- performance is open for the public.

What is the sound of a grain of sand falling against a barrel? Can the rustle of plastic feel like a crackling fire?

Julia is a silence musician. She makes music with very small sounds. Julia’s best friend Dunja, the Arctic Ocean scientist, is far out at sea. Dunja is sending things she finds in the ocean to Julia, who collects them in a sound archive. With the help of the audience and the archive, a roaring undulating headphone show is created.

“Listen, how quiet” is a chance to get familiar with sound technology and through an own, unique experience understand and create music. It is also a story about friendship at a distance.

All audience members wear headphones during the whole performance and get to be a part of creating the sounds. In this exploration of what sound can be and what the sounds can tell, we get to use our imagination and our listening in a new way. The performance aims to offer the audience a sensation of contributing and researching. Through practicing listening, we become better at understanding and connecting to others.

Since 2010, the Swedish performing arts collective Nyxxx has created performances, games and sound installations where the actions of the audience make all the difference. Their works have been displayed in venues such as Unga Dramaten, Uppsala Stadsteater, Teater Västernorrland and bibu-festival. “Listen, how quiet” was made in cooperation with Regionteatern Blekinge Kronoberg.

Concept: Nyxxx
Text: Tova Gerge
Directors: Ebba Petrén and Gabriel Widing
Set design: Sofia Romberg
Light design: Kerstin Weimers
Sound design: and musical composition Elize Arvefjord
Performers: Ebba Petrén and Jannie Östergren. Finnish performer tba.
Technician on tour: Tba.
Carpentry and construction: The workshops of Regionteatern Blekinge Kronoberg

Bravo! Festival
Hop on a roller coaster ride, listen to a grain of sand or step into a painting… Stimulating to the senses, highly skilled and a little surprising performances for all ages!

The Bravo! Performing Arts Festival for young audiences takes over the culture centres in the Helsinki metropolitan area from the 15th to the 24th of March in 2024 with its international high-quality performances for children, young people and families. The programme offers jewels of performing arts from e.g. Belgium, Sweden, Norway and Brazil. Dance, circus, participatory performances, shows for all senses, workshops and much more!

The Bravo! Performing Arts Festival is staged for the 12th time in cooperation with ASSITEJ Finland (an organisation for theatre & performing arts for children and young people), and the cities of the metropolitan area.

Age limit

Children between 9-12 years

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