The Adult Education Centre of Kauniainen

PetraPetra, Pohjoinen Suotie 5 A 

tel. 050 411 6404,


New York Times writes about the happies place in the world

Joy, happiness and meaningfull activities found at Kauniainen Adult Education Centre


Advance enrolment for the spring’s courses does not exist anymore.
When you enrol in a course that has more than 7 meetings during the autumn, you are automatically enrolled in the corresponding spring course.
Enrolment is binding.
If you do NOT want to participate in the spring, inform the bureau no later than December 13.

Course program for Spring semester

 is published on
Printed broschure will be posted to every houshold in Kauniainen second week of December.


for new courses and all free course spaces starts

8 January at 10:00