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These pages offer an opportunity to browse current events and official municipal matters in Kauniainen.

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In the “Proclamations” section official notices on city plans, building prohibitions and enquiries for offers can be found (only in Finnish and Swedish).
Information on vacant posts and Kauniainen as an employer can be found in the “Vacancies in Kauniainen” section.
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Multilingual Infopankki online service renewed

Infopankki is a multilingual website providing vital information to people planning to move to Finland or immigrants already living in the country. The site also provides a multilingual communication channel to many authorities. The renewed site is now available at

Even more extensive information for people moving to Finland

Visitors to the Infopankki website will find concrete information on issues such as the rights and duties of an employee, establishing an enterprise, Finnish and Swedish language courses, buying a home, what to do when you fall ill, how to enrol your child in school, how to vote and what ‘everyman's rights’ are, just to mention few. Alternatively, content can also be explored through different situations in life.

 The content of the new Infopankki site has been produced in co-operation with different authorities and organisations. The Social Insurance Institution of Finland, Kela, is one of Infopankki's partners.
”Through Infopankki, we at Kela can offer our clients multilingual information about the services we provide. Infopankki is also an excellent tool for our service advisors,” says Seija Kauppinen, Communications Manager at Kela.

Click here to see the Infopankki-website >

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