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Health services move back to Health Centre. Summer opening hours 2016

National emergency number: 112
Health counselling, tel: 09 87 10023

IMPORTANT! Health services will be provided in temporary facilities in Villa Breda until June 19. After that, the health services will move back to the Health Centre on Asematie in stages.

The oral health and dentistry unit will also move back to Asematie in stages.

THE MOVE TAKES PLACE ON JUNE 20–23, causing changes in services and opening times during the week

Appointments with doctors and nurses will be available to a limited extent at Villa Breda.

The Health Centre’s own emergency clinic operates according to its normal schedule at Villa Breda on June 20–21. Patients requiring emergency treatment during health centre opening hours on June 22–23 will be referred to health centres in Espoo. Please phone the Health Centre’s callback service, where a nurse will evaluate your needs and refer you to the appropriate health centre in Espoo.

The callback service will operate normally all week during its usual hours, 8 am–4 pm. The service provides guidance and counselling on where to seek treatment.

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