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The emblems of the City of Kauniainen may be used in online publications and printed matter dealing with the city. Use of our emblems or the coat of arms must follow the City of Kauniainen’s graphics standards. The document is in Finnish only; please e-mail Markus Jahnsson ( for more information.

The City of Kauniainen’s coat of arms

Kauniainen Vaakuna RGB
The city’s coat of arms dates back to 1951.
It was designed by graphic artist Ahto Numminen.

The squirrel holding a spruce cone is an allusion to Kauniainen’s original Swedish name, Grankulla (Swedish gran = spruce tree). The heraldic roses symbolise the area's traditional image of one-family homes with big gardens.

There is no blazon, or formal description, of the coat of arms in English, but in a direct translation from the Finnish, it shows a blue ground with a seated squirrel holding a spruce cone and above it, three heraldic roses. .

The council of the borough of Kauniainen approved the coat of arms at its meetings on 5 June 1951 and 10 January 1952. The Ministry of the Interior officially granted the coat of arms on 11 November 1952.

Graphics standards, logotype and coat of arms

Photos of the Mayor

20151106-143914 Kaup (0016)
Christoffer Masar Photo:
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More pictures available here: Photos of the Mayor