Instructions for people helping individuals fleeing from Ukraine

After Russia’s attack Ukrainian citizens have sought international protection in Finland.

The Finnish Immigration Service has put together instructions on its website for people fleeing from Ukraine and for people helping them.

Information about Finland in Ukrainan (Ваш гід по Фінляндії)

Nihtisillan vastaanottokeskus / NIHTISILTA RECEPTION CENTER/ UEHTP nPMEMA ”HMXTMCMJ1TA” (pdf)

Municipality of residence in Finland

The authorities have compiled information on how to apply for municipality of residence and how this affects the lives of Ukrainians in Finland. The brochure and other current home municipality issues is located on the Finnish Immigration Services homepage.

The brochure is in English, Ukrainian, Finnish and Swedish:

Information to Ukrainians that has a municipality of residence in Western Uusimaa

Have you fled from Ukraine to Finland, received temporary protection and are now in the process of becoming a municipality resident in Western Uusimaa? Your home municipality will then be one of the following: Espoo, Hanko, Inkoo, Karkkila, Kauniainen, Kirkkonummi, Lohja, Raasepori, Siuntio, Vihti. You have the right to social and health care services in the Western Uusimaa Wellbeing Services County and you get information about the services on the pages below:

How the war in Ukraine affects the benefits available from Kela

Kela runs the Finnish social security system and grants benefits to persons in different situations. Kela’s operations and the amounts of the benefits are defined in Finnish law. 

Contact information in Kauniainen regarding Ukraine

Daycare and pre-school
– Annika Hiitola, head of early childhood education, p. 09 5056 820

Schools and education
– Maria Ekman-Ekebom, head of education, p. 050 308 6262

Leisure and hobbies
– Taru Ikäheimonen, coordinator, p. 050 566 8800

Integration services
– Nina Reis, integration coordinator, p. 040 702 6519

Email address to the City’s employees:

Sports and leisure clubs

– GrIFK football,, p. 044 554 6654
– GrIFK handball,
– GrIFK floorball,, p. 044 243 1905
– GrIFK icehockey,, p. 050 532 4098
– Ballet school, Heli Aalto,, p. 040 094 9337
– GGF (Grankulla gymnasics),
– Kauniaisten taitoluisteluklubi (iceskating), (also in russian)

Kauniainen swimming hall

The swimming hall is open to Ukranians fleeing from the war free of charge. The swimming halls address is Asematie 26. Talk to the cashier and you will be let in.

The Finnish Swimming Teaching and Lifesaving Federations Welcome to the swimming hall guide (pdf) is available also in Ukranian.

Suomen raamattuopisto
– Annika Haukkasalo client servant,, p. 09 5123 9126
– Anneli Saikkonen, host,, p. 050 302 4216

Työväen Akatemia
– contact to be added

Volunteer work, Grani Lähiapu
– Aila Thurin, manager, p. 040 023 7741