The City of Kauniainen provides a variety of services for families with children. Services focus on the child’s needs and those of the family.

Maternity clinic and child health clinic (in Finnish)

Children’s daycare can be given in a daycare centre, as group family daycare or as playgroup activities. Daycare centres with a minimum of seven children of pre-school age will provide pre-school education free of charge. The City has good comprehensive schools and upper secondary schools, and the language of instruction is Finnish or Swedish.

Open family groups offer activities and peer support.

Family counselling is a form of early intervention: it is confidential and preventive and responds rapidly to the family’s needs. The family counsellor takes part in the open family group meetings on Thursdays 9 am–3 pm.

The members of the family counselling team are Nina Eklund, family counsellor, Jamina Bergholm, kindergarten teacher (open family groups) and Sanni Hackman, child and family counsellor for the Kauniainen parish.

The Family Counselling Centre offers help and advice to families in Kauniainen on children’s and young people’s development and also relationship advice to parents. The Family Counselling Centre also provides support for pregnant women and new mothers.

Home services for families support parents in coping with parenting and childcare.