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22.5.2023 | Adult Education Centre

This week, there are plenty of events happening in Kauniainen – Grankulla. We celebrate Grani Day on Thursday, it’s the last week for the exhibition Inside/Outside the Box III at the Gallery, and over the weekend, the sounds of music fill the air at Uusi Paviljonki – Nya Paviljongen.

Inside/Outside the Box III 3.–26.5.2023, the Gallery

The exhibition Inside/Outside the Box III consists of a number of geometric watercolours, acrylic paintings and drawings in oil pastel, where colour and form are central. The square is the most frequently recurring form, but other compositions also show their inherent colours. Heidi von Wright paints intuitively, her paintings are poetic compositions.

Inside/Outside the Box III, Heidi von Wright 3.5-26.5.2023 Kauniaisten Galleria- Grankulla Galleri

Orienteringsskola 2023 23.5 Grankulla – Kauniainen

Espoon puhallinorkesterin vårkonsert ”ILTA OOPPERASSA” 23.5 kl.19.00. Nya Paviljongen – Uusi Paviljonki

Graniday 25.5 Thurmansplatsen

Graniday is held in the center of Kauniainen, on Thursday 25.5 from 5pm.

The morning starts at 10 am with program for children of all ages, and at mid-day the funfair and the hobbyhorse corner open. Graniday officially opens at 5 pm and then there will be music, dancing, market tables and fun!

Ljusa kvällar 25.5 Nya Paviljongen- Uusi Paviljonki

Jussi Syren And The Groundbreakers – Granidagen konsert 25.5 the Church in Kauniainen- Grankulla

Tunne kevät! – kuorokokemus kaikille aisteille 27.5 Nya Paviljongen- Uusi Paviljonki

Vasantotsav 2023 – DAMARU 28.5 Nya Paviljongen- Uusi Paviljonki

Sanskriti Suomi cordially invites you to our yearly event Vasantotsav 2023 – DAMARU. Experience the soul-stirring melodies of Indian classical music, dance, art and skits by Children! Join us for a cultural journey filled with mesmerizing performances, vibrant colors, and unforgettable moments. We will be delighted to have you there to encourage our artists and performers.

Sanskriti Suomi, Vasantotsav 2023. Indian Classical music -dance. Tickets 10€ /7€. Damaru. Experience the soul of stirring indian classical arts. 28 May 2023. 16.00 -17.30. Uusi Paviljonki , Kauniainen. Join us for a cultural journey filled with mesmerixing performances and delicious food.

The Youth hall Granin Klubi is open 22.5 & 26.5 at 15-18.

kesän aukiolopäivät. Sommaröppet dessa dagar.

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