Attractions in Kauniainen

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The Art Nouveau style building designed by architect Lars Sonck in 1907 used to be the home of the poet Mikael Lybeck. Today it serves as the city’s cultural centre.
Valmukuja 3

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The train station

Bruno F. Granholm designed the listed wooden train station in 1908.

Kauniainen’s railway station was damaged in a fire on August 30, 2008.

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Kauniala hospital

Lars Sonck v. 1910.
New section by Kai and Veli Paatela (1978).

 Kylpyläntie 17

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Firestorm (Tulen halki) statue

Tulen halki (Foto: Carola Hedman)
Situated in the centre of Kauniainen, sculptor Heikki Häiväoja’s statue Firestorm (Tulen halki) is a monument for all those who were disabled in Finnish wars. It was unveiled in the summer of 1981.
 Kauniaistentie 10

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The Kauniainen Church

Kauniaisten kirkko
The Kauniainen Church was consecrated in 1983. Architect Kristian Gullichsen designed it.
The Church was introduced in the Ars Fennica exhibition of 1987 and it is still visited by many who have a passion for architecture.
Kavallintie 3

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