Home services for families in Kauniainen

Home services for families are a form of low-threshold services in support of parenting.

Home services for families are always a temporary solution, allocated on the basis of needs assessment. As a rule, services are provided once a week, on weekdays, for a maximum of three months. One service appointment lasts 2–4 hours. The focus of home services for families is on providing support, counselling and guidance on everyday routines. Services may also include help with childcare and housework.

Home services for families are available mainly to families with children under school age. Where necessary, the services can also be used to ensure the welfare of children under the age of 18.

Home services for families can be provided if a parent suffers temporarily reduced functional capacity due to illness, recent childbirth, disability, depression or burnout, or on the grounds of the family’s situation in general. The decision to grant home services for families is made by the family services social worker that the family has been referred to. In unclear cases, the public health nurse in charge of the child health and maternity clinics can be contacted.  

Home services for families will not be granted for house cleaning only; illnesses such as colds or stomach upsets; childcare needs arising from parents’ distance working from the home, parents’ regular working hours, studies, or hobbies, or for cases where a personal assistant is needed.

Home services for families are provided either by one of the City’s family services social workers or as an outsourced service. Families pay a fee for home services. The fee is the equivalent of the fee for fixed-term home services as listed in the client fees price list currently in force for social welfare and health care services. In 2017, the fee for one hour is EUR 12.10, two hours EUR 17.40 and 2–4 hours is EUR 22.90. Families on a low income may qualify for reduced fees following an income assessment.